Founding Global Relations Travel Club was a natural.

Dan Rutherford, literally, has been to all corners of the Globe:

Cuba     Hong Kong     Guam     Iceland     Australia     Bermuda     Colombia     Guatemala     India     Algeria  
     Italy     Argentina     Canada     Honduras     Indonesia     Bahamas     Israel     Barbados    Chad     Greece

Japan     Denmark     Benin     St. Maarten    Antarctica     Turkey   Vietnam    Mexico    Rota     Saba    

     Belgium     Ecuador     Cameroon     South Africa     Belize     Niger     Peru     Curacao     England     Saipan    

Portugal    Costa Rica     Egypt     Falkland Islands     Switzerland     Uruguay     Venezuela     Taiwan 

      Turks & Caicos     Yap     Brazil     Chile     Togo     Tanzania     Spain     Burundi     Tibet     Burkina Faso   Thailand      Central Africa Republic    France     Czechoslovakia    Germany, East    

South Korea    Kenya    Malaysia      Netherlands     Panama     Germany, West     Mali     People’s Republic of China     Philippines     Scotland     Puerto Rico     Singapore     Poland     Sweden     Soviet Union   


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Savor The Moment 

“I have been to places in the world that were not the same as when I first visited. I’m sure those before me thought the same. The planet is changing rapidly. Experience it. Tomorrow it will be different. Cuba today is different from when I first visited almost two decades ago. It will be dramatically different in the not too distant future,” Dan Rutherford.


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