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SEPT 14-21, 2018       Discovery Tour: Discover Cuba, so near yet so far

                                 away. Private cooking lesson, cigar factory, fresh fish &

                                 lobster, rum and rumba. An active & relaxing pace.

                                 Much, much to discover! Eight days and seven nights

                                 with a small group on the elusive island, accompanied by

                                 Global Relations Travel Club leader, Cuban guide and



OCT 25-NOV 1, 2018   In the Footsteps of the Cuban Revolution:::;;eef::::;f.  :

                                Travel the path of the Cuban Revolution from Fidel’s

                                birthplace in the east to the capital of Havana where

                                strongman Fulgencio Batista was toppled and fled the



DEC 28-JAN 2, 2019  New Year's Eve in Havana: Including

                               Buena Vista Social Club, Vintage American Cars,

                               Private Restaurants and New Year's Eve at the Tropicana


Available Dates       2018 Weekend in Havana Tour: Choose your weekend

                             Select from a number of our dates available to enjoy 4
                             nights and 3 days in the Pearl of the Caribbean.  


To schedule a Personal or Private Group Tour anytime of the year please contact:DanRutherford@GlobalRelations.US                            

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Dan Rutherford

This most popular Cuba tour is inspired by Dan Rutherford, a former 25-year international vice president of a Fortune 100 Company, extensive world traveler, and accomplished state legislator and constitutional officer. His first trip to Cuba was in 1999. His Midwest charisma and charm makes for a fun deserved adventure abroad.

Together with Josh Lanning, an energetic youthful Midwesterner and Cuba expert, the two have created an experience within the ever changing US-Cuban relations. This Cuba expedition falls under the legal 'Educational Activities and People to People Exchanges' category of US approved Cuba travel.

Josh Lanning

Global Relations Cuba Discovery Tour – with numerous editions – is geared to people who seek to engage with everyday Cubans. It’s for Americans that want to meet the 'real Cuban people' and learn about island culture and society. This tour is an opportunity to visit an exotic foreign country and let your hair down. Ask anybody who’s been to Cuba, They will describe it as a tropical paradise.

These economical tours are ideal for history buffs and lovers of music, culture and architecture. The tour’s diverse itinerary spans western Cuba from the metropolis of Havana to the mountain jungles of the Viñales Valley where Cuba’s famed tobacco is grown. The tour sports comfortable accommodations with tasty Cuban cuisine throughout.

We warmly invite you to join us!

The island nation of Cuba has been elusive to Americans for over 50 years. With proper legal documentation and preparation, it is doable. Strictly following the U.S. Department of Treasury requirements, members of Global Relations Travel Club (GRTC), partnering with our Cuba travel colleagues, will be able to participate in a forever memorable trip to Cuba.

Membership in Global Relations Travel Club is a prerequisite, per the Rules, for participation in the Cuba trips.

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